• Stable v1.7 b5d570ce7b


    pacman-ghost released this 2 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    Main new features

    • The vehicle/ordnance data has been updated to reflect information from the back of counters.
    • Vehicular smoke dispenser Depletion Numbers are now not affected by Elite status.
    • Added a vehicle entry for the LCV.
    • The log file analyzer now recognizes the new-style Turn Track Phase Wheel.
    • Vehicle/ordnance Chapter H note images are now cached.
      If you have set up your Chapter H notes as HTML, and have enabled "Show Chapter H vehicle/ordnance notes as images", this will speed up loading scenarios into VASSAL significantly. Images are created and cached on demand, but if you want to keep these cached images permanently, configure VO_NOTES_IMAGE_CACHE_DIR in your site.cfg file to point to where you want to keep them. You can also pre-load the cache with all available images by opening localhost:5010/load-vo-notes-image-cache in a browser.

    Other minor changes

    • The VASSAL version number is now cached.
    • Tightened up how the webdriver is configured.
    • Changed how logging is configured in a Docker container.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.7.windows.zip