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    Installation notes

    If you are running from source, the targeted version of Python is now 3.10.4, so you should update that, and all the project dependencies.

    If you are running the desktop app, the settings file is now stored in different location. While the program will automatically move your current file, it would be prudent to take a backup of it first:

    • Windows: C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\vasl-templates.ini
    • Linux/Mac: ~/.vasl-templates.conf

    If you are installing on top of an existing installation, you should delete the directory $/data/default-template-pack/extras/kgs/.

    If you have configured cached images for Chapter H notes (using VO_NOTES_IMAGE_CACHE_DIR ), you should delete the folder and remove the config setting (since it now always happens, and the cached images are stored in the standard location). If you want to pre-build the cache, you can do that by opening http://localhost:5010/load-vo-notes-image-cache in a browser.

    New features

    • Updated for VASSAL 3.6.7 and VASL 6.6.5.

    • HTML content can now be managed using a WYSIWYG editor.

    • HTML content is now sanitized.

    • There are new labels for a turn track and compass.

    • Searching for scenarios at the ASL Scenario Archive has been optimized.

    • The UI has been tightened up and improved in many places. In particular:

      • UI panels are now resizable.
      • Snippets can now be generated from the dialog used to add/edit them (scenario and player-specific notes).
      • The initial positioning and sizing of dialogs has been improved, and is now remembered.
      • The presentation of information in the National Capabilities labels has been improved.
      • The "edit template" buttons are now in a dropdown menu.
      • Tightened up the player flags, and how they are resized.

    Minor features

    • Removed the option to create National Capabilities labels (this now happens automatically).
    • Tweaked the presentation of the "VASSAL shim error" dialog.
    • Tightened up how theaters at the ASL Scenario Archive are mapped to ours.
    • Tidied up text coming from the ASL Scenario Archive and ROAR.
    • Changed how Java is detected (and reported) from the PATH.
    • SSR snippets can now be auto-generated.
    • If changes have been made when adding/editing scenario or player-specific notes, the dialog confirms before closing.
    • The "edit vehicle/ordnance" dialog now asks you to confirm closing it, if changes have been made.
    • The PIAT snippet button is now shown for the Canadians.
    • Added an Extras template for Booby Traps.
    • Merged the Extras templates for Kampfgruppe Scherer.

    • Got ½" counters showing at the smaller size again.
    • Updated some parts of the UI that were being missed after importing a scenario from the ASL Scenario Archive.
    • Fixed a timing error during startup that could stop vehicle/ordnance multi-applicable notes from being available.
    • Return a spacer image as a flag for nationalities that don't have one (this fixes broken images for Partisans in scenario cards).
    • Fixed a resizing problem in the "Connect scenario to ROAR" dialog.
    • Fixed a problem auto-generating a snippet for a simple note that has no content.
    • Focus is now set to the correct default button if there are nested dialogs.
    • Fixed a problem generating snippets if the Chapter H landing craft notes are missing.
    • The current directory for saving/loading files is not reset after choosing "New scenario".
    • Loading a scenario now clears the previously remembered .vsav file.
    • Updated the National Capabilities label for the Free French.
    • Worked around a layout problem when the Victory Conditions are long.
    • Cached Chapter H images for extensions are now saved in their own sub-directory (this also fixes a problem on Windows where they weren't being cached properly).
    • The loading spinner is no longer shown if Javascript is disabled.

    • Config and data files are now stored in the standard locations.
    • Removed code supporting Internet Explorer.
    • Included the ASL Scenario Archive and ROAR ID's, and git branch commit ID, in updated .vsav files.
    • Extras templates can now specify the width of their dropdown lists.
    • Basic logging is now set up for the desktop program.
    • Fixed a test to work inside a Docker container with no internet access.

    • Minor UI and documentation changes.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.10.windows.zip