Create attractive VASL scenarios, with loads of useful information embedded to assist with game play.
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# set up the display (so we can run VASSAL and a webdriver)
export ENV=10
export DISPLAY=:10.0
Xvfb :10 -ac 1>/tmp/xvfb.log 2>/tmp/xvfb.err &
# run the webapp server
# IMPORTANT! This script runs as PID 1, which is the only process that will receive signals,
# so we must replace it with the Python webserver process if it is to receive e.g. SIGTERM,
# which we must handle if "docker stop" and scaling down in Kubernetes is to work (otherwise
# things timeout and we get SIGKILL'ed).
exec python3 /app/vasl_templates/webapp/ \
--addr \
--force-init-delay 30