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    If you are running from source, you will need to rebuild your virtualenv.

    New features

    • Added support for VASL 6.6.4 and VASSAL 3.6.6.
    • Precise colors can now be set in the log file analysis graphs.
    • Added Partisan and Swedish nationalities.
    • Updated the flags for the Allied/Axis Minor nationalities.
    • The UI controls are now completely hidden if a nationality has no vehicles and/or ordnance.
    • Analyzing a VASL scenario now reports the version of VASSAL and VASL it is using.
    • The Java version is now shown in the Program Info dialog.
    • Accelerator underlines are now shown in the Server Settings dialog on Windows.
    • Minor tweaks to the templates.
    • Images in snippets and custom list bullets are now turned on by default.
    • Made a new VO_NOTE_IMAGE_URL_PATH parameter available to templates.
    • Updated the Chapter H placeholders ZIP file.

    Other minor changes and bug fixes

    • Updated dependencies.
    • Got the embedded browser in the desktop app going again on Fedora 35 (and probably other distros).
    • VASL versions can now be aliased (to allow data files to be shared).
    • Fixed an error that could happen if the configured VASL .vmod didn't load properly.
    • Added more logging to the VASSAL shim.
    • Changed how the webapp is served.
    • Stopped the DOS box from showing when we launch the webdriver (this is now done in the code, instead of having to change the Python source code).
    • Tightened up how the Docker image is built.
    • Artifacts that are downloaded as part of building the Docker image (Java, Firefox, and geckodriver) can now have their URL's overridden.
    • Different backend webdrivers are now used when running the test suite.
    • Tightened up how the test suite skips certain versions of VASL.
    • Logging to a file is now possible when running the test suite.
    • Minor tweaks to the help.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.9.windows.zip