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    Installation notes

    • Some data files have been moved around, so if you like to be tidy, delete your old installation before installing this new one.
    • Scenarios with the ANZAC's will no longer work. To fix them up, open the save file in a text editor and change the PLAYER_# value from "anzac" to "british~anzac".
    • If you have set up Chapter H notes for the ANZAC's in Blood & Jungle, you will need to move the containing directory from anzac/vehicles/adf-bj/ to british/vehicles/adf-bj/. Check the placeholders ZIP file for more details.


    • Added support for VASL 3.5.5 and VASL 6.6.2.
    • Added the Australian nationality.
    • Made the British vehicles/ordnance available to the ANZAC nationality.
    • Added Note D to the British OML 2-in. Mortars.
    • Fixed the URL's for Chapter H note images for derived nationalities.
    • Added some missing entries to the Chapter H placeholder zip.
    • Added a check for invalid nationalities in a save file.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.6.windows.zip