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    IMPORTANT: If you're running from source, you will need to rebuild your virtual environment. The officially-targeted version of Python is 3.8.7, but unofficially, 3.9.1 (the current version on Fedora) also appears to work. If you're running in Docker, the image will be rebuilt automatically.

    • Updated to Python 3.8.7, and all dependencies.
    • Cells in the "Grid" extras template can now be labelled.
    • Added an optional caption to the "Count remaining" extras template.
    • Line graphs are now shown (by default) in the log file analysis report.
    • On Windows, if Java has not been configured, the one that comes with VASSAL will be used.
    • Fixed how single-year date-specific vehicle/ordnance capabilities are calculated.
    • Changed how we auto-adjust the default moving average window size in the log file analysis report.
    • Show the current git info in the Program Info dialog when running in a container.
    • Changed how the Docker container figures out its container ID.
    • Added support for the "in" operator in Jinja templates.
    • Added a clarification to the OB notes for the Finnish 37 PstK/37(g).
    • The SameSite attribute is now set when saving cookies.
    • Added an endpoint to return the favicon.
    • Fixed the SS-only stuff in the German National Capabilities template.
    • A generic PLAYER_NAT parameter is now passed through to the templates.
    • Fixed a problem that was stopping custom flags from being shown from a local file.
    • Worked around a problem when switching between LFA graph types.
    • Fixed an encoding problem when uploading scenarios to the ASL Scenario Archive.
    • Fixed some incorrect URL's when getting vehicle/ordnance counter images from online.
    • Fixed a problem with how some counter images are served.
    • Allow the User Files directory to be configured in the desktop app as a URL.
    • Fixed a crash in the desktop app when running from source and the application had not been installed in editable mode.
    • Worked around a possible problem when setting the title of the Program Info dialog.
    • Added a missing file (for Allied Minor Ordnance Note D) to the Chapter H placeholders ZIP file.
    • Fixed a broken test when running against a remote server.
    • Added anchors to the help.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.5.windows.zip