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    Main new features

    • Added support for VASSAL 3.4.2 and .6 and VASL 6.6.0 and .1
    • Added support for Fight For Seoul.
    • Added a report to the log file analyzer that shows the number of 2's and 12's rolled, and Sniper Activations.
    • Got the full functionality working when running in a Docker container.

    IMPORTANT: Older versions of VASSAL and VASL are no longer supported. I tried, but it just got too messy :( You will also need to configure a newer version of Java (the one that comes installed with VASSAL is fine).

    Other minor features and bug fixes

    • Improved how the latest scenarios are downloaded from ROAR and the ASL Scenario Archive.
    • Adjusted the layout of dialogs in the desktop application for HiDPI.
    • Added icons to the File menu.
    • Added a dialog to show the program configuration (only available from a browser).
    • Larger flags are shown in label headings that use a larger font.
    • Tightened up some National Capabilities labels.
    • Tweaked the styling for subscripts (e.g. for Pz IV IVF1 and IVF2).
    • The "CBI" theater (from the ASL Scenario Archive) is now imported as "PTO".
    • Tightened up how volumes are mounted into the container.
    • The Flask startup banner is no longer shown when running the Docker container.
    • Allow the web server to be automatically initialized after it has started up (instead of waiting for the first request).
    • Encoding is now handled when reading data files.
    • Tab characters are now handled in snippet content.
    • Image URL's in Chapter H notes are only translated if they are relative.
    • Improved how we handle and report errors during startup.
    • The default settings are now applied correctly when running the desktop application for the first time.
    • Fixed a possible timing problem at startup that could cause a new scenario to be flagged as changed.
    • Fixed a problem that could cause the "Get images from" droplist in the User Settings dialog to be loaded incorrectly.
    • Fixed a timezone problem when checking the date for OBA in the ASL Scenario Archive scenario cards.
    • Fixed a problem that was preventing a ZIP file to be used as the default template pack.
    • A player's description is now cleared when their nationality is changed.
    • Changed how the scenario date is unloaded from the UI.
    • Changed how we control VASSAL to save scenarios.
    • Re-architected the test suite.
    • Minor UI changes.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.4.windows.zip