• Stable v1.3 c4d9d17292


    pacman-ghost released this 3 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    Main new features

    • Added the ability to analyze log files.
    • Added integration with the ASL Scenario Archive.

    Other minor features and bug fixes

    • Added an option to confirm User Settings before updating a VASL scenario.
    • Scenarios are now saved as formatted JSON.
    • Added a popup menu item to generate a snippet as an image.
    • Added icons to the menu items.
    • [EXC: ...] blocks can now be styled in snippets.
    • Changed how the Escape key is handled.
    • Added an ATMM template for the Romanians.
    • The VASSAL shim can now access its properties file.
    • A detached HEAD is now handled when reporting what the active git branch is.
    • Syntax errors in the logging config file are now handled.
    • Disabled logging of some warnings about VASL extensions at startup.
    • Fixed a problem that was sometimes losing changes made in the User Settings dialog.
    • Minor changes to the templates and data files.
    • Minor UI changes.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.3.windows.zip