• Stable v1.11 8269917bee


    pacman-ghost released this 2 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • Updated for VASSAL 3.6.14 and VASL 6.6.6.
    • Booby Trap labels are now associated with a player nationality.
    • THH labels are no longer automatically created for the Japanese.
    • Show a better error message if the VASL data directory is not there.
    • Correctly show small pieces from extensions.
    • Added options to store data files outside a Docker container.
    • Added options to configure logging when running Docker.
    • Minor UI changes.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.11.windows.zip

  • Stable v1.10 19734ac076


    pacman-ghost released this 7 months ago | 12 commits to master since this release

    Installation notes

    If you are running from source, the targeted version of Python is now 3.10.4, so you should update that, and all the project dependencies.

    If you are running the desktop app, the settings file is now stored in different location. While the program will automatically move your current file, it would be prudent to take a backup of it first:

    • Windows: C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\vasl-templates.ini
    • Linux/Mac: ~/.vasl-templates.conf

    If you are installing on top of an existing installation, you should delete the directory $/data/default-template-pack/extras/kgs/.

    If you have configured cached images for Chapter H notes (using VO_NOTES_IMAGE_CACHE_DIR ), you should delete the folder and remove the config setting (since it now always happens, and the cached images are stored in the standard location). If you want to pre-build the cache, you can do that by opening http://localhost:5010/load-vo-notes-image-cache in a browser.

    New features

    • Updated for VASSAL 3.6.7 and VASL 6.6.5.

    • HTML content can now be managed using a WYSIWYG editor.

    • HTML content is now sanitized.

    • There are new labels for a turn track and compass.

    • Searching for scenarios at the ASL Scenario Archive has been optimized.

    • The UI has been tightened up and improved in many places. In particular:

      • UI panels are now resizable.
      • Snippets can now be generated from the dialog used to add/edit them (scenario and player-specific notes).
      • The initial positioning and sizing of dialogs has been improved, and is now remembered.
      • The presentation of information in the National Capabilities labels has been improved.
      • The "edit template" buttons are now in a dropdown menu.
      • Tightened up the player flags, and how they are resized.

    Minor features

    • Removed the option to create National Capabilities labels (this now happens automatically).
    • Tweaked the presentation of the "VASSAL shim error" dialog.
    • Tightened up how theaters at the ASL Scenario Archive are mapped to ours.
    • Tidied up text coming from the ASL Scenario Archive and ROAR.
    • Changed how Java is detected (and reported) from the PATH.
    • SSR snippets can now be auto-generated.
    • If changes have been made when adding/editing scenario or player-specific notes, the dialog confirms before closing.
    • The "edit vehicle/ordnance" dialog now asks you to confirm closing it, if changes have been made.
    • The PIAT snippet button is now shown for the Canadians.
    • Added an Extras template for Booby Traps.
    • Merged the Extras templates for Kampfgruppe Scherer.

    • Got ½" counters showing at the smaller size again.
    • Updated some parts of the UI that were being missed after importing a scenario from the ASL Scenario Archive.
    • Fixed a timing error during startup that could stop vehicle/ordnance multi-applicable notes from being available.
    • Return a spacer image as a flag for nationalities that don't have one (this fixes broken images for Partisans in scenario cards).
    • Fixed a resizing problem in the "Connect scenario to ROAR" dialog.
    • Fixed a problem auto-generating a snippet for a simple note that has no content.
    • Focus is now set to the correct default button if there are nested dialogs.
    • Fixed a problem generating snippets if the Chapter H landing craft notes are missing.
    • The current directory for saving/loading files is not reset after choosing "New scenario".
    • Loading a scenario now clears the previously remembered .vsav file.
    • Updated the National Capabilities label for the Free French.
    • Worked around a layout problem when the Victory Conditions are long.
    • Cached Chapter H images for extensions are now saved in their own sub-directory (this also fixes a problem on Windows where they weren't being cached properly).
    • The loading spinner is no longer shown if Javascript is disabled.

    • Config and data files are now stored in the standard locations.
    • Removed code supporting Internet Explorer.
    • Included the ASL Scenario Archive and ROAR ID's, and git branch commit ID, in updated .vsav files.
    • Extras templates can now specify the width of their dropdown lists.
    • Basic logging is now set up for the desktop program.
    • Fixed a test to work inside a Docker container with no internet access.

    • Minor UI and documentation changes.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.10.windows.zip

  • Stable v1.9 786f35be9a


    pacman-ghost released this 1 year ago | 93 commits to master since this release

    If you are running from source, you will need to rebuild your virtualenv.

    New features

    • Added support for VASL 6.6.4 and VASSAL 3.6.6.
    • Precise colors can now be set in the log file analysis graphs.
    • Added Partisan and Swedish nationalities.
    • Updated the flags for the Allied/Axis Minor nationalities.
    • The UI controls are now completely hidden if a nationality has no vehicles and/or ordnance.
    • Analyzing a VASL scenario now reports the version of VASSAL and VASL it is using.
    • The Java version is now shown in the Program Info dialog.
    • Accelerator underlines are now shown in the Server Settings dialog on Windows.
    • Minor tweaks to the templates.
    • Images in snippets and custom list bullets are now turned on by default.
    • Made a new VO_NOTE_IMAGE_URL_PATH parameter available to templates.
    • Updated the Chapter H placeholders ZIP file.

    Other minor changes and bug fixes

    • Updated dependencies.
    • Got the embedded browser in the desktop app going again on Fedora 35 (and probably other distros).
    • VASL versions can now be aliased (to allow data files to be shared).
    • Fixed an error that could happen if the configured VASL .vmod didn't load properly.
    • Added more logging to the VASSAL shim.
    • Changed how the webapp is served.
    • Stopped the DOS box from showing when we launch the webdriver (this is now done in the code, instead of having to change the Python source code).
    • Tightened up how the Docker image is built.
    • Artifacts that are downloaded as part of building the Docker image (Java, Firefox, and geckodriver) can now have their URL's overridden.
    • Different backend webdrivers are now used when running the test suite.
    • Tightened up how the test suite skips certain versions of VASL.
    • Logging to a file is now possible when running the test suite.
    • Minor tweaks to the help.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.9.windows.zip

  • Stable v1.8 a1613942d4


    pacman-ghost released this 2 years ago | 123 commits to master since this release

    • Added support for VASSAL 3.5.8 and VASL 6.6.3.
    • A splash screen is shown as the program is starting up.
    • The UI is updated correctly when reseting a vehicle/ordnance.
    • SMOKE Depletion Numbers are updated correctly for Elite status.
    • Updated the PF template for PFk's.
    • A better error message is shown if we can't get the VASSAL version number.
    • File downloads are converted to UTF-8 when running the webapp in a browser.
    • Tweaked the comment for the Pz VIE SA mines.
    • Changed how the Docker container gets its container ID.
    • Minor changes to the help.
    • Updated all third-party dependencies.

    If you are running from source, you will need to rebuild your virtualenv.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.8.windows.zip

  • Stable v1.7 b5d570ce7b


    pacman-ghost released this 2 years ago | 137 commits to master since this release

    Main new features

    • The vehicle/ordnance data has been updated to reflect information from the back of counters.
    • Vehicular smoke dispenser Depletion Numbers are now not affected by Elite status.
    • Added a vehicle entry for the LCV.
    • The log file analyzer now recognizes the new-style Turn Track Phase Wheel.
    • Vehicle/ordnance Chapter H note images are now cached.
      If you have set up your Chapter H notes as HTML, and have enabled "Show Chapter H vehicle/ordnance notes as images", this will speed up loading scenarios into VASSAL significantly. Images are created and cached on demand, but if you want to keep these cached images permanently, configure VO_NOTES_IMAGE_CACHE_DIR in your site.cfg file to point to where you want to keep them. You can also pre-load the cache with all available images by opening localhost:5010/load-vo-notes-image-cache in a browser.

    Other minor changes

    • The VASSAL version number is now cached.
    • Tightened up how the webdriver is configured.
    • Changed how logging is configured in a Docker container.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.7.windows.zip

  • Stable v1.6 687a65e76a


    pacman-ghost released this 2 years ago | 150 commits to master since this release

    Installation notes

    • Some data files have been moved around, so if you like to be tidy, delete your old installation before installing this new one.
    • Scenarios with the ANZAC's will no longer work. To fix them up, open the save file in a text editor and change the PLAYER_# value from "anzac" to "british~anzac".
    • If you have set up Chapter H notes for the ANZAC's in Blood & Jungle, you will need to move the containing directory from anzac/vehicles/adf-bj/ to british/vehicles/adf-bj/. Check the placeholders ZIP file for more details.


    • Added support for VASL 3.5.5 and VASL 6.6.2.
    • Added the Australian nationality.
    • Made the British vehicles/ordnance available to the ANZAC nationality.
    • Added Note D to the British OML 2-in. Mortars.
    • Fixed the URL's for Chapter H note images for derived nationalities.
    • Added some missing entries to the Chapter H placeholder zip.
    • Added a check for invalid nationalities in a save file.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.6.windows.zip

  • Stable v1.5 54780b1b66


    pacman-ghost released this 2 years ago | 160 commits to master since this release

    IMPORTANT: If you're running from source, you will need to rebuild your virtual environment. The officially-targeted version of Python is 3.8.7, but unofficially, 3.9.1 (the current version on Fedora) also appears to work. If you're running in Docker, the image will be rebuilt automatically.

    • Updated to Python 3.8.7, and all dependencies.
    • Cells in the "Grid" extras template can now be labelled.
    • Added an optional caption to the "Count remaining" extras template.
    • Line graphs are now shown (by default) in the log file analysis report.
    • On Windows, if Java has not been configured, the one that comes with VASSAL will be used.
    • Fixed how single-year date-specific vehicle/ordnance capabilities are calculated.
    • Changed how we auto-adjust the default moving average window size in the log file analysis report.
    • Show the current git info in the Program Info dialog when running in a container.
    • Changed how the Docker container figures out its container ID.
    • Added support for the "in" operator in Jinja templates.
    • Added a clarification to the OB notes for the Finnish 37 PstK/37(g).
    • The SameSite attribute is now set when saving cookies.
    • Added an endpoint to return the favicon.
    • Fixed the SS-only stuff in the German National Capabilities template.
    • A generic PLAYER_NAT parameter is now passed through to the templates.
    • Fixed a problem that was stopping custom flags from being shown from a local file.
    • Worked around a problem when switching between LFA graph types.
    • Fixed an encoding problem when uploading scenarios to the ASL Scenario Archive.
    • Fixed some incorrect URL's when getting vehicle/ordnance counter images from online.
    • Fixed a problem with how some counter images are served.
    • Allow the User Files directory to be configured in the desktop app as a URL.
    • Fixed a crash in the desktop app when running from source and the application had not been installed in editable mode.
    • Worked around a possible problem when setting the title of the Program Info dialog.
    • Added a missing file (for Allied Minor Ordnance Note D) to the Chapter H placeholders ZIP file.
    • Fixed a broken test when running against a remote server.
    • Added anchors to the help.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.5.windows.zip

  • Stable v1.4a a68ef5f871


    pacman-ghost released this 2 years ago | 193 commits to master since this release

    Handle compressed responses when downloading scenarios from the web server.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.4a.windows.zip

  • Stable v1.4 5cb6376bd2


    pacman-ghost released this 3 years ago | 194 commits to master since this release

    Main new features

    • Added support for VASSAL 3.4.2 and .6 and VASL 6.6.0 and .1
    • Added support for Fight For Seoul.
    • Added a report to the log file analyzer that shows the number of 2's and 12's rolled, and Sniper Activations.
    • Got the full functionality working when running in a Docker container.

    IMPORTANT: Older versions of VASSAL and VASL are no longer supported. I tried, but it just got too messy :( You will also need to configure a newer version of Java (the one that comes installed with VASSAL is fine).

    Other minor features and bug fixes

    • Improved how the latest scenarios are downloaded from ROAR and the ASL Scenario Archive.
    • Adjusted the layout of dialogs in the desktop application for HiDPI.
    • Added icons to the File menu.
    • Added a dialog to show the program configuration (only available from a browser).
    • Larger flags are shown in label headings that use a larger font.
    • Tightened up some National Capabilities labels.
    • Tweaked the styling for subscripts (e.g. for Pz IV IVF1 and IVF2).
    • The "CBI" theater (from the ASL Scenario Archive) is now imported as "PTO".
    • Tightened up how volumes are mounted into the container.
    • The Flask startup banner is no longer shown when running the Docker container.
    • Allow the web server to be automatically initialized after it has started up (instead of waiting for the first request).
    • Encoding is now handled when reading data files.
    • Tab characters are now handled in snippet content.
    • Image URL's in Chapter H notes are only translated if they are relative.
    • Improved how we handle and report errors during startup.
    • The default settings are now applied correctly when running the desktop application for the first time.
    • Fixed a possible timing problem at startup that could cause a new scenario to be flagged as changed.
    • Fixed a problem that could cause the "Get images from" droplist in the User Settings dialog to be loaded incorrectly.
    • Fixed a timezone problem when checking the date for OBA in the ASL Scenario Archive scenario cards.
    • Fixed a problem that was preventing a ZIP file to be used as the default template pack.
    • A player's description is now cleared when their nationality is changed.
    • Changed how the scenario date is unloaded from the UI.
    • Changed how we control VASSAL to save scenarios.
    • Re-architected the test suite.
    • Minor UI changes.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.4.windows.zip

  • Stable v1.3a 00345369ad


    pacman-ghost released this 3 years ago | 249 commits to master since this release

    Handle time zones correctly when unloading the scenario date from the UI.

    Release file: vasl-templates-v1.3a.windows.zip